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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

so idk.

im thinking about bringing this blog back. prove to me i should and i will. but we will be changing our formats and deleting all our posts to start fresh.

what do yall say? should i?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Last week's round of Vh1 shows saw the elimination of Chi Chi on Daisy of Love and Bay Bay Bay quitting from Charm School with Ricki Lake. Chi Chi was axed because Daisy felt they were "just friends", while Bay Bay Bay quit because she felt she had already learned and didn't need the money. She also brought back K.O. and Ki Ki to have one of them replace her, but she decide to not pick either of them and just leave. Bay Bay Bay gives a detailed interview, and Chi Chi stays a bit reserved, not saying much. Check out both the snippets below!

Chi Chi's Interview
"It’s funny that you came off as one of the most sensitive guys on the show, yet unlike so many of the others, you didn’t really cry after you were eliminated.

Yeah, I wasn’t crying in the bathroom either, they edit that stuff. But yeah, I was just happy for Daisy, and I respect her decision. Like I said before: you can’t help the way you feel inside, and if you’re honest, people shouldn’t judge you. I just want the best for her. I just want her to be happy.

Was there any sense of disappointment at all?

Rejection hurt. It sucked. No one wants to be rejected, you know? There’s all these guys, and I’m like, the fifth best guy? It sucked like being in the house and liking her and she’s showing attention to everybody else. It feels like a waste of time. I would never do that in real life.

What do you think about your reputation as a brown-noser in the house?

I come off like that because somebody will say something negative to me, and I’m just gonna come back with something positive. Because you have this aura, and when you’re negative, bad stuff just feeds back and forth and it’s bad. Negativity is bad, and nothing good can come out of it."

Bay Bay Bay's Interview
"What was it about Ki Ki that endeared her to you, when many of the other girls had problems with her?
Yes, she had that argument the first day, but that one argument, they drew out and made it seem like she had the whole time she was there. In actuality, she uplifted so many people. She helped Bubbles. After we got through that one altercation, they had a conversation. I made them have a conversation because we were Real Chance of Love girls. Regardless of whether we’re on this show with everybody and we’re all trying to mesh and be better people, we know each other from a previous show, so why not show each other that love? So, they got together, they spoke, and it was a magical thing. She also helped K.O. The conversation that K.O. and I had outside on the sixth episode, when K.O. was telling me about somebody pulling off her belt, Ki Ki was sitting right next to me. And Ki Ki was giving her words of advice as well, but they don’t show that because at that point they show that Ki Ki was eliminated. Ki Ki has a very powerful way of helping people. Sometimes, her mouth can get her in trouble. But that’s with all of us. So I just felt like she needed a second chance.

Was it ultimately because everybody was so mad about the fact that she might be brought back that you decided not to bring her back?

Oh no. My decisions come from my heart. I don’t let others dictate what I do. I’m a leader, I’m not a follower in any way, shape or form. Watching the show from my end, it makes it seem like everyone was a follower. Everyone was so selfish, and had a lack of compassion, that they weren’t willing to open their hearts and let anyone come in. And at that point I felt like Ricki [Lake] should have sent someone else home. Even if she sent me home the next episode, I feel like she should have sent someone home because no one had learned the lesson.

So then what was it ultimately that made you decide not to bring Ki Ki back?

After talking with her, I really thought about it. With her not being there, I couldn’t say whether she was at home doing the same things she was doing before or if she had changed. I couldn’t make that distinction, so it was not fair for me to allow her to come back. If you’re expelled, you’re expelled."

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brittanya ~ 26% (19 votes)
Ashley ~ 19% (14 votes)
Marcia ~ 18% (13 votes)
Farrah ~ 12% (9 votes)
Mindy ~ 8% (6 votes)
Other ~ 7% (5 votes)
Taya ~ 5% (4 votes)
Kelsey ~ 5% (4 votes)

74 votes later, you guys, the readers of this blog picked Brittanya as your favorite contestant from Rock of Love Bus. She was pretty quiet on the show until the episode of her elimination, even though she is more talkative now on Charm School with Ricki Lake. Her friend, Ashley followed in second place with 19% of the votes. Congrats to Britt, and be sure to vote in the next poll up now!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

On episode 3 of Charm School with Ricki Lake, Real Chance of Love's So Hood quit the show, due to the fact she thought Ricki Lake was a racist. Since her departure, she has kept her same thoughts and has publicly stated her hate towards her and that she hates black people. In the video below So Hood calls Ricki "a washed-up racist" for eliminating her friend Ki Ki and goes on to saying that Vh1 only likes white people. While eating fried chicken at a restaurant with her pornstar friend, she also talks how they didn't put her on I Love Money 3 because she wasn't white, and that she would give them hell on the set. She later goes on to say she should be on The Bad Girls Club, and then tells fans to tell Vh1 that they should give So Hood her own show.

I liked So Hood after she got eliminated on Real Chance of Love, and on the first episode of Charm School 3, but she is just way to much. Just because Ki Ki [who was black] got eliminated, So Hood took it way to far. Her friends Risky and Bay Bay Bay didn't. She should of listened to them. On the Charm School 3 reunion, if she evens comes, it should be pretty interesting to see how she will settle it with the cast members and deans. If she can redeem herself without being a dumbass and bitch, I will go back to supporting her; because ya'll know if she had a show it could be hella entertaining!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In about a month we will see the premiere of the newest Vh1 reality series, Megan Wants a Millionaire. The show will be Megan from Rock of Love 2's journey looking for true love, with a millionaire. Below is the show's supertrailer, which is 5 minutes of the craziness which will be featured on the show. I'm predicting from the supertrailer that The Punisher will be going very far, and that Cicso and Ryan can easily become fan favorites. At first I thought this show would be really bad, but maybe it's never to late to star over. Check it out below!

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I Love Money 2 and Flavor of Love 3 star, Prancer recently was featured in a news segment in her native Detroit's Fox 2 News. The segment was about excessive seating, and ways to stop it. Prancer [joined by her friend Corn Fed from Real Chance of Love] talks to a professional doctor, who decides to try a new way by injecting botox into her armpits. After dozens of injections, it will stop the sweat nerves. I've never noticed her sweating, but I'm happy to hear she is content with the results. Check out the interesting video below!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Today was the finale episode of New York's mini-series, New York Goes to Work! As you probably know, at the end of each episode viewers are encouraged to text in a vote for what they want to see New York's job be next week. Even though this was the finale, they had something sort of special at the end of the episode. The asked if New York should film I Love New York 3, get a real job, or take a vacation.

The ovbious choice is to shoot I Love New York 3, so that might mean after a year and a half of waiting, we might be getting a third season of the I Love New York franchise. That would mean more Sister Patterson, more hotties for upcoming seasons of I Love Money, and great television for us! I hope it comes true, and that Vh1 doesn't give her another show like New York Goes to Hollywood or Work.

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